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Mid April through 
late October

Memorial Day to
Labor Day: 9AM - 7PM
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need to worry about ticks?

No, we do not have problems with ticks at the Wisconsin Deer Park because we keep our grass extremely short. Ticks need tall grasses (more than 2 feet tall) to travel between bodies.

Will it hurt my children to eat the deer food provided by the Wisconsin Deer Park?

While the corn and pellet mixture we feed the animals will not harm your child if ingested, it may be difficult for them to digest, so we suggest not eating it.

Why can't we feed the Deer our brought-in food?

The deer food we feed the animals are specially made by a company in Minnesota. The deer food, made for parks and zoos, have non-iodized salt and no seasonings. Deer are not able to absorb the iodine that is present in "human" salt. Their stomachs will fill with fluids as they try to absorb the iodine. This can result in the death of the animal.

My child is having a reaction to the animals, what do I do?

There is an urgent care facility located in the Dells, but typically the affected child needs anti-histamine medication, like Benadryl. Make sure you all change clothes, as dander from the Deer will be on all of you. Take a bath/shower. Symptoms should clear up within a few hours

Do the Deer Bite?

No, Deer only have back molars for grinding and small baby teeth along their bottom gums for scrapping leaves and bark from trees. You would have to be shoving your hand all the way into their mouth for you to get bit. All the animals at the park that can or will bite are clearly marked.

Where do all the animals in the store come from?

All the animals and antlers on the walls come from inside our park. An animal may die of old age or be put to sleep by our registered vet. In the wild a Deer may live five to seven years but in our park they can live to 15+ years. This results in some common diseases like tumors, bone disease etc. If a Deer becomes ill, we will do everything we can to doctor them. All the animals are born here and spend their lives with us. We cannot stand to see any of them in pain and will do what we can to ease their suffering.

Where do the animals go in the winter?

The animals spend their time in the winter feeding grounds behind the park. This allows us time to get the park ready for next spring. Any temperature sensitive animals, like the Lemurs, are taken to inside enclosures.

Do you have problems with CWD?

No, all our animals have been tested and cleared repeatedly. Our animals have no contact with animals in the wild, it is pretty much impossible for them to get infected. We comply with all state and federal regulations.

Why might the animals look skinny?

The animals can look skinny or sick as they change coats between the seasons. As they lose their winter coat or gain it back their fur can look patchy or funny.

Are service animals allowed in the Park?

Unfortunately NO, many areas of our park allow for our animals and guests to share the same space to maximize interaction. While our animals are comfortable with human interaction, we cannot predict how they will react to each service animal. So for the safety of you, our other guests, and all animals we do not permit service animals inside the park.

When you visit the deer park the entire staff will be happy to answer your questions, provide information about the rich history, and ongoing operation that has made the Wisconsin Deer Park a truly unique treasure.

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