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Memorial Day to
Labor Day: 9AM - 7PM
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About the Wisconsin Deer Park

The Wisconsin Deer Park has been in business for over 50 years and is one of Wisconsin Dells original attractions - sharing time with the Duck/Boat tours on the Wisconsin River. Family owned and operated, starting with Russ Tollaksen, the Deer Park is now operated by his grandson.

The Deer Park consists of about 40 acres of land. The walk through the exhibit is about 4 blocks long. Here at the Deer Park we breed and raise deer and act as a zoological supply service for live deer. Deer from our park have been shipped to animal exhibits and zoos all over the country! We also operate the park as a animal exhibit and tourist attraction.

As you stroll the along paved, groomed, wooded trails, you will experience not only White Tail Deer but also interact with the magnificent American Elk (Wapiti), American Bison, the European Fallow Deer, the Dainty Japanese Silka Deer and much more. All of our animals are carefully cared for and displayed for maximum comfort accessibility and the enjoyment of visitors.

In the main feeding area is the Virginia White Tail Deer which ranges through much of the upper midwest. The White Tail is Wisconsin Big Game and we believe it to be the most graceful of all the deer species we have seen.

Deer -  - Wisconsin Deer ParkMany visitors say our deer are small, the average deer only stands about 34 inches from the shoulder to the ground. They are not a large animal but from a distance with their head up (more so when alerted to danger) a deer can look quite large.

In the second large feeding area you will see the European Fallow Deer. The species has 4 varieties - Black, White, Brown and the spectacular Spotted English Fallow Deer. This deer has antlers like a moose - wide and flat - and for the size of this animal they are of huge proportions.

You will find it interesting to visit the deer park at different seasons of the year. From May until the middle of June there are fawns born almost every day. During Late July and August the Bucks' antlers make them outstanding photo subjects. During September and October the animals are in their prime and are beautiful to see.

Other park residents you can visit are Goats, Game Birds, Llamas, Horses, Emus, Lemurs, Elk, Bison and even pigs!

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Adults to 12 years - $14.00
Kids 3 to 11 years - $10.00
Kids 2 & Under - FREE

Deer feed $4.00, feed cups, $0.25 vending machines


Memorial Day to Labor Day: 9AM - 7PM
Off Season: 10AM - 4PM

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